One of the Top Millennial Leadership Experts in Canada!


"Mindset is everything. Trust me, I wrote the book on it!"

One of the Top Experts in Canada for Millennial Leadership. I empower young adults and entrepreneurs to build profitable brands online, become leaders, and distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace

LA Roqk Enterprises is an international outbound sales and consulting firm which helps large and small businesses amplify sales numbers, build long term relationships, and distinguish themselves from their competition.

SocialRise Revenue Marketing Agency is a digital marketing and branding agency. The protocol and mission is to generate massive exposure for clients, which in turn will convert into higher sales numbers, brand equity, and act as a positioning tool for our clients.

Life on the Rocques – Online TV Show


Life on the Rocques is an entrepreneurial-based online TV show. The focus of the show is to interview peak performing, motivational, and all around versatile entrepreneurs to gather insight and strategies which people can implement in their lives and businesses.



LaRocque speaks on a wide range of topics as a leading millennial authority in Canada. Through his versatile background in high-pressure sales, digital marketing, and as a peak-performing millennial entrepreneur, he presents a diverse range of topics to speak on including:

  • Influencing Millennials in the workforce
  • How to influence a generation raised by a cell phone
  • Overcoming Rejection and Defeating Fear
  • How do break through the noise of a disruptive culture
  • Mass disruption in today’s competitive workforce – How to distinguish yourself

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