The Top Leadership Expert in Canada for Millennials!


"Mindset is everything. Trust me, I wrote the book on it!"

The Top Leadership Expert in Canada for Millennial's. I empower business owner's  to monetize their brand online, become leaders, and distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace

LA Roqk Enterprises is the outbound selling arm of SocialRise Inc. We act as a consulting firm which helps large and small businesses increase sales numbers, build long term relationships with customers, and sell their products both digitally and in person.

SocialRise Inc is a national media firm that specializes in lead generation and customer acquisitions. We work with a number of B2B and B2C clients, acting as an in-house marketing firm for each of our clients. We are experts in developing a lead generating blueprints for our clients that will guarantee them potential business.


        SocialRise helps Businesses RISE TO THE TOP!

Life on the Rocques on Eastlink TV


Life on the Rocques on Eastlink TV is entrepreneurial-based show that focuses on interviewing CEO's, Influencer's, and peak Entrepreneur's to gather insight and strategies that people can implement in their lives and businesses.



LaRocque speaks on a wide range of topics as a leading millennial authority in Canada. Through his versatile background in high-pressure sales, digital marketing, and as a peak-performing millennial entrepreneur, he presents a diverse range of topics to speak on including:

  • Leading a Generation Raised by a Cellphone 
  • Digitizing your business and brand
  • How to generate leads from the top brands in world
  • Digital Marketing on Steroids 
  • Building the Next Generation of Leaders and Entrepreneur's

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