"Everyone told me that I was crazy, that I needed to slow down, that I was to unrealistic. Now those same people are asking me how I did it."

Connor graduated from Laurentian University with a Law degree and Minor in Communications. While completing his studies, he published two motivational based books. His second booked ranked 43rd out of 100 on the Canadian National Best-seller list under the “Success” category.


Rather than going to Law School and becoming a Lawyer, Connor had two options: Get an MBA or start a company. He choose the latter and joined a company his brother had started. There he worked diligently learning door to door skills from his brother who completely changed his life and gave him a new perspective. In the depth of winter, he was fed up selling door to door and decided he wanted to go on his own. He and his brother completed an acquisition and he went on to found LA Roqk Enterprises and co-found SocialRise Revenue Marketing Agency. After a tough first year in business, heading into his second year he took both of his companies to multi-national status, hosting various clients and contracts on a global scale.


From a young man not getting into university, to becoming a leading millennial entreprenueur, oddly enough Connor went on to keynote at the same university that rejected him. This is a massive part of the story he uses as a speaker to empower thousands. Connor enjoys high intensity activities like MMA, cross-training, and also loves snowmobiling and running with his dog.


Connor is not just intense in his physical pursuits, he is intensely passionate about giving back and philanthropic work. Hence why he works with the leading charity initiative in the insurance industry known as ‘Insure For Your Cause.’

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