"Mindset is everything, trust me I wrote the book on it" 

LaRocque presents an interesting and engaging public speaking style that leaves audiences with practical takeaways that can be applied immediately.  Working with a wide range of topics with  his niche being "entrepreneurship and personal development" he stimulates audiences into though provoking analogies and stories that will put them on a roller-coaster ride of entertainment and strategies. Here's a recent example of him working with students: 

"I thought I would mention that I took your advice in the Job interview (I had coincidentally scheduled on the same day) I walked in and said I was willing to work 12 hours shifts. I was hired on the spot and finished my first day of training today. I know this might not be much to you but for me I feel rejuvenated. - Damien Schoengen, Honours Student 

LaRocque isn't a big advocate of boring speakers that put audiences to sleep. He uses his energetic style to make audiences feel alive and focused divulging into topics like:


  • Influencing Millennial's in the workforce
  • How to influence a generation raised by a cell phone
  • Mindset is Everything
  • Overcoming Rejection and Defeating Fear
  • How do break through the noise of a disruptive culture
  • How to distinguish yourself in the Mass disruption in today’s competitive workforce 

  • Testimonials

    A Young Creator
    "The young creator who teaches us not be content with what is there, but encourages us to discover in time instances to surpass ourselves, to walk in the future potential with confidence, and to emancipate."
    Dr. Stéphane Richard, BSS, M. Éth., Ph.D, TS/TSI., Laurentian Professor
    Young and Passionate
    "Connor LaRocque is a young passionate guy. He is talking about the things that people need to hear if they want to be successful. For a new generation to be talking about motivation and what it takes to succeed is extremely refreshing. Connor is someone you will want to pay attention to."
    Aaron Beaudry Real Estate Agent, Sutton Realty
    Focused and Passionate.
    "Connor reminds us that it is never too late to strive for personal improvement – a life lesson often discovered too late. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious."
    Paul Gomirato, RGD – President and Creative Director
    PG Advertising and Design
    Making the Connection
    "I think you're an exceptional man. Love your passion, your keen intellect, and your relational ability to impact others for the good. Totally enjoyed watching the video on your LinkedIn profile page. You're a good man, Connor. I'm humbled to be able to journey with you. Hope we can find ways for our trajectories to cross more. Blessings to you, good warrior!"
    Dr. Dave White NCAA Men's Basketball Referee and Life Coach
    Conceptual and Universal
    "If you haven't already heard of or met Connor LaRocque, here is a good chance to get an insight to who he is and what he stands for. At first glance he might just look like some random telling you to do good things, blah blah blah. I urge you to not dismiss his message rather to drop your ego and give his ideals and honest shot in your own life. He has an amazing message that allows you to expand beyond your day to day and become in touch with so much more. I have only had a few brief interactions with him but immediately you can see that he truly lives how he talks. Everything he has to offer is universal and positive. If you want to see the world in a more positive light watch his video, read his book, or even take a minute to chat with him. You won't be disappointed."
    Neil Deschamps Owner, Live Fit Meals
    The Next Generation
    "I was fortunate to meet Connor at our family function in Sudbury. As an avid reader as well as a author I was interested in reading his book which in my opinion is a winner. I also bought the book for my daughter as the content was very well positioned and relevant. Connor has a great message, delivers value to those he touches and is making sence in a sometimes confusing world."
    Milan Topolovec President & CEOTK, Financial Group, Inner Orbis Inc.

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